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Simplexity DJ'd a fun time for a 13 year old's birthday party in Warners, NY. It was a steamy, hot, summertime party with Simplexity keeping the music going while the kids swam and the parents chatted on the deck. Thanks to broadband being available, the DJ was able to provide a lot of requested cutting edge (including YouTube) teen music as well as some old timers like "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" and "Tarantella" for "Grandpa."

This gig was the first where  guests asked "Where's the DJs tip jar?" The guests started one using a drink cup when they found out we didn't have one. Thank you folks; we're glad you enjoyed the show!

While this gig wasn't scheduled to bring lighting, we almost always have a couple fixtures with us and it really worked nice for the host's deck; one "stage wash" lit the "adult" side and the other aimed toward the pool deck and upper seating area! Very cool.

This was a pretty neat unintentional effect: The host's deck post, darkness-actuated solar lighting was flashing on/off with Simplexity's  lighting triggering the "switch."

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