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It was a pleasure for Simplexity to do a special birthday party for three Birthday Guests and their family and friends at the Glenwood Golf Course, in West Monroe , NY. While DJs love it when the guests spend a lot of time dancing, sometimes we end up just providing a great ambiance for the crowd. Looking out you see bodies swaying, heads keeping time or feet tapping and you know youíre doing a good job. That was this party.

Three Beautiful Girls

We had three little exceptions in the form of three adorable children. These girls, just about from the time they arrived (and the music was already going) until they left, had lots of fun with the music and didnít stop moving. They made the DJís night being able to watch them so enjoy the show.

By Request: Cotton Eye Joe

Poker Face

Priceless! Walk Like an Egyptian

Thanks, again, Sue for having such a swell time with us!

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